Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I haven't vanished but...

I haven't had time to post anything. And now I'm in the middle of grading term papers and won't be able to post a lot. So, to while the time away, some interesting links, without much comment:

(Re-?)Segregation in Nebraska

Saturday's (that is, April 15's) New York Times had an article on a Nebraska plan to create three new school districts in Omaha. The districts are designed to be racially/ethnically homogeneous: one is supposed to be black, one to be white, one to be Latino. A clear violation of Brown v. Board of Ed., isn't it? Interestingly, the plan was introduced by the only African-American member of the Nebraska state legislature, Ernie Chambers. Balkinization has an interesting discussion of the issue: here is Jack Balkin's take, and here is Heather Gerken's.

Discovering music podcasts

One of my favorite radio shows, BBC 3's Discovering Music nows posts their newest show as a downloadable podcast. (OK, all podcasts are downloadable, that's the point...) If you're into classical music, this program is a must. And you can listen to old shows (non-downloadably) here.

Funny Honda ad parody

A while ago I posted a link to a nice ad for Honda, in which a choir imitated car noises. Well, 118 118, a British company that provides information about phone numbers, train schedules, etc., produced a parody that I found funny. But then it might be that I have a somewhat brutish sense of humor (being German etc.). Anyway: Enjoy!