Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Lots of them. In my fridge. Does anybody know good recipes? I have already collard greens + ham + turnips, turnip casserole, turnip gratin, and caramelized turnips on my list. But that won't be enough. What can I do?

Criticism in North Korea?

Talking about censorship (see the discussion of K. West's "Golddigger" below): There is a funny picture of a North Korean monument on blogjam dot cow. If you scroll down this post, pay attention to the Monument to the Edification of the Worker's Party, whose middle pillar -- a flame -- looks like... Well, you'll see. Maybe it's coincidence. But maybe it is a political commentary that the monument's designer managed to sneek into public view in one of the most restrictive countries of the world. It's almost Christmas, so one may be allowed to indulge in wishful thinking, no?